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Chemical Peel vs. Micro Needling

Chemical peels treat many of the same conditions as Micro Needling or Micro Channeling, but the same treatments do not have the same effects for everyone. Generally, microneedling is effective for any skin color or tone and is very effective for treating conditions like rosacea & hyperpigmentation as well as severe wrinkles & sagging skin. While chemical peels are more effective on fairer toned skin and is good for and age spots, dark spots, and freckles. Chemical peels asre also really good for more surface type damage, like wrinkles, texture issues, and scarring. 

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Neurotoxin or Dermal Filler Injections

We know you don’t trust your face to just anyone; QHW Med Spa is the#1 provider of botox and dermal fillers. Each of our locations is staffed with experienced and talented injectors. Our dermal filler menu will cover any service you are looking for and our neurotoxin treatments are simple and precise with almost no pain. Book your treatment today; erase frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead creases & more!



Per Unit


Allergan Brand

Per Unit


Restylane L

0.5mL $350        1mL $600

Restylane Kysse

0.5mL $400        1mL $700

Restylane Lyft 

0.5mL $400        1mL $650

Rest Defyne

0.5mL $400        1mL $650

Rest Refyne

0.5mL $400        1mL $650


0.5mL $430        1mL $800

Juv Ultra

0.5mL $400        1mL $750

Juv Vollma 

0.5mL $400        1mL $850

Juv Vobella 

0.5mL $400        1mL $850

Juv Vollure 

0.5mL $400        1mL $850

Liquid Face Lift    Up to 6 RestL    $1450-$3000


Plasma Facial $700
MicroNeedling Per Treatment $199
MicroChanneling Per Treatment $379
Signature $199
Deluxe $249
Platinum $299
Chemical Peel:
Chemical Peel w Enzyme $45
Chemical Peel w Jessner $100
Chemical Peel w Vitamin A $115
Chemical Peel w TCA $125